the biodegradable thread

This is the first and unique sewing thread developed form a polymer with enhanced anaerobic decomposition properties. LEAF by MIC has the same qualities: resistance, durability and color fastness of any other sewing thread.
The decomposition process starts only when the product is discarded having contact with anaerobic microorganisms. Its high biodegradability makes it an eco-friendly product. LEAF is certified under the ASTM D5511 international standards.

organic cotton

BIO COTTON is the MIC sewing thread obtained from biological cultivation in compliance with all current certifications. Is has been the world’s first sewing thread to achieve the GOTS certificate, which controls all the supply chain starting from growing and harvesting the cotton’s row fibers, to the dyed finished product. BIO-COTTON is a 100% Organic cotton sewing thread, it is eco-friendly and it is produced according to the ICEA/AIAB protocol.

the recycled thread

Sustainability and recycling are not fashion moods but they are becoming more and more a consumer need, especially perceived by the younger generation. The sewing thread “PET” origins from the MIC’s R&D to satisfy this market segment. It is a recycled polyester thread, made from packaging materials such as bottles and food containers. MIC presents this thread in texturized and in a sewing thread versions, in 4 different tickets.

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